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Womens Full Suspension MTB

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  • 2018 Specialized Womens Camber Comp 650 Satin Cast Blue with Acid Lava http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/womenscambercomp.jpg

    The Women's Camber Comp is just begging to become someone's first trail tool, especially if they want the rapid and playful handling of 650b wheels.

  • Demo 2015 Era Comp Medium http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/era5.jpg

    Ex-Demo. Ridden only a number of times by a member of staff.

  • 2018 Womens S-Works Epic http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/womensepicfsrsworks.jpg

    The Women's S-Works Epic is the fastest, most capable, and best fitting women's XC bike they have ever created.

  • 2018 Womens Epic Comp Carbon http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/womensepiccomp.jpg

    The new Women's Epic Comp Carbon is designed to make racing a more manageable, and to take your results to the next level.

  • 2017 Liv Embolden Mountain Bike http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/giant/70132614-2017_liv_embolden.jpg

    Discover a little mischief and unknown- the trail ready Embolden will give you the courage it takes to progress your riding.

  • 2016 Specialized S-Works Era 29 Mountain Bike http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/spec/145038.jpg

    When it comes to racing XC, your goals are pretty cut and dried: get stronger, get faster, and have an absolute blast while you’re at it.

  • 2018 Specialized Womens Camber 650B Gloss Tarmac Black with Cali Fade http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/womenscamber.jpg

    Think of the Women's Camber 650b like a multi-tool, but with the added fun and agility of 650b wheels.

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