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  • 2018 Mens S-Works Tarmac Mono Black http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/sworkstarmac.jpg

    The best comes at a price. However, nothing has been held back with the new SL6 S-Works Tarmac.

  • 2018 Mens Tarmac Expert Black with Acid Pink http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/tarmacexpertacidpink.jpg

    The all new SL6 Tarmac is even faster than ever before!

  • 2018 Mens Tarmac Expert Flo Red http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/tarmacexpertred.jpg

    The all new SL6 Tarmac is faster than ever before!

  • 2018 Mens Tarmac SL4 Bora Replica http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/tarmacsl4.jpg

    with Grand tour winning geometry, the Tarmac is all the bike you need it to be...

  • 2018 Mens Tarmac SL4 Elite Cabon http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/sl4elite.jpg

    Smooth, stiff and responsive are just a number of words that can be used to descibe the Specialized Tarmac.

  • 2018 Mens Tarmac SL4 Sport Rocket Red http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/sl4sport.jpg

    No matter what the distance the Tarmac will get you round with both comfort and speed.

  • 2018 Mens Tarmac SL4 Sport Sagan Superstar Edition http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/sl4sportsagan.jpg

    How can the tarmac get more special? A Sagan Superstar colourway thats how.

  • 2018 Mens Tarmac SL5 Comp Rocket Red and Black Fade http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/sl5compdisc.jpg

    Pairing both the SL5 frameset and the Ultegra R8000 haydraulic groupset the Tarmac Comp Disc will be an incredible riding experience.

  • 2018 Mens Tarmac SL5 Comp Metallic White http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/sl5comp.jpg

    Rider-First Engineering makes this bike feel equally as stiff and responsive no matter what the size.

  • 2018 Mens Tarmac SL5 Expert Cosmic Black http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/sl5expert.jpg

    SL5 Frame and the new Dura-Ace makes this not just quick and precise with every move you make.

  • 2018 Mens CruX Elite X1 Gloss Acid Pink With Tarmac Black and White http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/cruxelite.jpg

    All New Rider-Engineered Frame and a 1x11 setup makes this an incredible Cyclocross Machine!

  • 2018 Men Roubaix Gloss Flo Red with Tarmac Black http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/roubaix.jpg

    The Roubaix provides you with the tools you need to explore the road less travelled, while keeping room in your wallet for a mid-ride brew.

  • 2018 S-Works Venge ViAS Disc Di2 Tarmac Black with Purple Chameleon http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/vengesworks.jpg

    Fastest, lightest and most agressive bike on the market, the Venge Vias will get you to the line first.

  • 2018 Venge ViAS Pro Disc Green Chameleon with Tarmac Black Fade http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/vengeprodisc.jpg

    The perfect package for any competitive road racer, coming equipped with the lightest and most accurarte power meter on the market.

  • 2018 Womens Sirrus Elite Carbon Tarmac Black with Chameleon http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/womenssirruscarbon.jpg

    Meet your new, high-performance workout partner, she's always up for a challenge and ready to help you reach new levels

  • 2018 Womens Sirrus V Brake Tarmac Black with Acid mint and Pink http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/womenssirrus.jpg

    Whether its your first fitness bike or getting you to work the Womens Sirrus will get you there.

  • 2018 Womens Dolce Elite Satin Gloss Tarmac Black with Black http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/dolceelite.jpg

    The Dolce Elite is the perfect bike to either introduce you to the sport or to take your ride to new levels.

  • 2018 Womens Dolce Sport Gloss Satin Acid Red with Tarmac Black http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/dolcesport.jpg

    We're adamant that if you feel like riding somewhere, your bike should be able to take you there with the utmost in confidence...

  • 2018 Ruby Expert Gloss Satin Tarmac Black with Cali Fade http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/rubyexpert.jpg

    Tired of rough roads wearing you out? Where we see a problem, we can't help ourselves but to make a solution. That solution is the Ruby Expert.

  • 2018 Mens Diverge E5 Sport Gloss Tarmac Black with Charcoal and Red http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/divergesporte5.jpg

    Great Specifiction and a reliable yet lightweight aluminium frame. The E5 Diverge Sport is all you need.

  • 2018 Womens Rockhopper Expert Gloss Tarmac Black with Acid Lava http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/womensrockhopperexpert.jpg

    The Women's Rockhopper Expert 29 is the perfect bike to begin your dive into the XC world.

  • 2018 Womens S-Works Tarmac SL6 Satin Black http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/womenssworkstarmac.jpg

    Not only the best of the best but purely designed for Women. Making this the most comfortable and quick bike bike on the market.

  • 2016 S-Works Tarmac SL5 Frameset in Chameleon http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/spec/145064.jpg

    When absolute performance is a must, the best riders in the world choose the S-Works Tarmac.

  • S-Works Tarmac SL5 Frameset Nibali Celebration Limited Edition 56cm http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/s-works_tarmac_nibali_celebration_frameset.jpg

    S-Works Tarmac SL5 Nibali Celebration Frameset - only 1 available in 56cm

  • 2018 Womens Ruby Expert Di2 Gloss Carbon with Tarmac Black http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/rubyexpertdi2.jpg

    If you thought that a bike had to be jarring and unforgiving in order to be fast, we apologize in advance for bursting your bubble...

  • 2018 Mens Sirrus Elite Carbon Tarmac Black with Acid Blue Fade http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/

    sure, getting in shape takes hard work and plenty of sweat, but that doesn't mean there's no room for fun, right?

  • 2018 Specialized Womens Camber 650B Gloss Tarmac Black with Cali Fade http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/womenscamber.jpg

    Think of the Women's Camber 650b like a multi-tool, but with the added fun and agility of 650b wheels.

  • 2018 Mens S-Works Tarmac Ultralight Monocoat Black http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/sworkstarmacultra.jpg

    The best just got better with the ultralight frameset cutting weight by 20%

  • 2018 Womems Tarmac SL6 Expert Satin Gloss Grey http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/womenstarmac.jpg

    The Womens Tarmac incorporates the Rider First engineering giving each frame the same incredible riding experience

  • 2017 Specialized Tarmac SL4 Sport Road Bike in Orange http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/tarmacsporto.jpg

    The Tarmac doesn’t just do one thing well—it does everything exceptionally.

  • 2016 S-Works Tarmac SL5 Disc Frameset in Hyper/Rocket Red http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/spec/145087.jpg

    When absolute performance is a must the best riders in the world choose the S-Works Tarmac.

  • 2016 S-Works Tarmac SL5 Frameset Yellow/Monster Green http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/spec/145083.jpg

    When absolute performance is a must, the best riders in the world choose the S-Works Tarmac.

  • 2016 S-Works Tarmac SL5 Frameset in Black/Rocket Red http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/spec/146303.jpg

    When absolute performance is a must, the best riders in the world choose the S-Works Tarmac.

  • 2018 Mens Tarmac Pro Oil Chameleon http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/tarmacpro.jpg

    The ideal race machine. The quickest Tarmac frame, Roval carbon CL wheels and a built in power meter what more do you need?

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