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  • 2018 Enduro Comp 650B Gloss Black with Hyper http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/endurocomp650.jpg

    Nimble, flick'able, agile—whatever you want to call it, our Enduro Comp 650b embodies it in one hell of a beautiful, redesigned alloy package.

  • 2018 Enduro Elite 29/6Fattie Satin Gloss Acid Pink with Carbon http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/enduroelite29.jpg

    With the all-new Enduro Elite 29/6Fattie, we're still scratching our heads—is it faster on the way up or the way down?

  • 2018 Enduro Pro 650B Gloss Black with Cali Fade http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/enduropro650.jpg

    Blistering speed, nimble handling, mega travel length—our Enduro Pro Carbon 650b has it all in spades.

  • 2018 S-Works Enduro 29/6Fattie Gloss Black with Black http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/endurosw29.jpg

    With our new S-Works Enduro 29/6Fattie, some people asked, "Why mess with a good thing?"

  • 2018 S-Works Enduro 650B Gloss Black with Black http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/endurosw650.jpg

    If you love sending it down the trail, smashing through rock gardens or launching off drops and jumps, you'll feel right at home on the S-Works Enduro 650b.

  • 2018 Stumpjumper Comp Carbon 29/6Fattie Gloss Black with Chameleon http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/sjcompcarb29.jpg

    Riding trail requires a bike that can do it all with ease, take some hits, and be ready to come back for more...

  • 2018 Stumpjumper Comp Carbon 650B Gloss Black with Chameleon http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/sjcompcarb650.jpg

    When you need all of today's tech and an agile wheel size, you can't beat the Stumpjumper Comp Carbon 650b.

  • 2018 S-Works Stumpjumper 29/6Fattie Satin Gloss Black with Hyper Green http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/sjsw29.jpg

    When only the best will do, you need the ultimate trail bike. In other words, you need the S-Works Stumpjumper 29/6Fattie.

  • 2018 S-Works Stumpjumper 650B Satin Gloss Black with Hyper Green http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/sjsw650.jpg

    We know full well that for many out there, the ultimate trail bike needs to possess the agility and responsiveness that comes with 650b wheels. 

  • 2018 Mens S-Works Tarmac Mono Black http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/sworkstarmac.jpg

    The best comes at a price. However, nothing has been held back with the new SL6 S-Works Tarmac.

  • 2018 Mens Tarmac Expert Black with Acid Pink http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/tarmacexpertacidpink.jpg

    The all new SL6 Tarmac is even faster than ever before!

  • 2018 Mens Tarmac Expert Flo Red http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/tarmacexpertred.jpg

    The all new SL6 Tarmac is faster than ever before!

  • 2018 Mens Tarmac SL4 Bora Replica http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/tarmacsl4.jpg

    with Grand tour winning geometry, the Tarmac is all the bike you need it to be...

  • 2018 Mens Tarmac SL4 Elite Cabon http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/sl4elite.jpg

    Smooth, stiff and responsive are just a number of words that can be used to descibe the Specialized Tarmac.

  • 2018 Mens Tarmac SL4 Sport Rocket Red http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/sl4sport.jpg

    No matter what the distance the Tarmac will get you round with both comfort and speed.

  • 2018 Mens Tarmac SL4 Sport Sagan Superstar Edition http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/sl4sportsagan.jpg

    How can the tarmac get more special? A Sagan Superstar colourway thats how.

  • 2018 Mens Chisel Comp Gloss Charcoal with Black http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/chiselcomp.jpg

    A new breed of XC Aluminium hardtails with both amazing value and speed.

  • 2018 Mens Allez Elite Satin Black with White http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/allezeliteblack.jpg

    Perfect value for money the 105 equiped Allez offers everything you need from an aluminium road bike.

  • 2018 Mens Allez Gloss Rocket Red http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/allezred.jpg

    The all new Allez now offering a full carbon fork and great value for money.

  • 2018 Mens Allez Sport Satin Navy with Red http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/allezsport.jpg

    Entry level road has never been better. Lightweight, responsive and still incredibly comftable.

  • 2018 Mens Allez Sprint Comp Satin Brushed with Black http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/allezsprint.jpg

    The Specialized Allez Sprint is perfect for both Sunday club rides or taking on a circuit race. no matter what the ride the Allez Sprint will have your back.

  • 2018 Mens Roubaix Elite Satin Black with Gloss Black http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/roubaixeliteblack.jpg

    The idea of a perfect road is a myth, as there's always a chip, a crack, a rough patch...

  • 2018 Men Roubaix Gloss Flo Red with Tarmac Black http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/roubaix.jpg

    The Roubaix provides you with the tools you need to explore the road less travelled, while keeping room in your wallet for a mid-ride brew.

  • 2018 Mens Roubaix Sport Satin Carbon with Metallic White http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/roubaixsport.jpg

    Hitting a sweet spot between performance and value, the Roubaix Sport was designed to thrive on long rides through rough country.

  • 2018 Mens Rockhopper Comp Gloss Rocket Red with Black http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/rockhoppercompred.jpg

    Whether you've been riding trails for decades or you're just starting your XC journey, the Rockhopper Comp is here to take your rides to the next level.

  • 2018 Mens Rockhopper Comp Satin Gloss Black with Black http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/rockhoppercompblack.jpg

    Whether you've been riding trails for decades or you're just starting your XC journey, the Rockhopper Comp is here to take your rides to the next level.

  • 2018 Mens Rockhopper Expert Heritage Satin Purple With Acid Pink http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/rockhopperexpertpurple.jpg

    The all new Specialized Rockhopper is not only a fantastic value entry level mountain bike but now returning in stunning heritage colours.

  • 2018 Mens Rockhopper Pro Satin Rocket Red with Black http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/rockhopperpro.jpg

    The top end Rockhopper offer great specification for its value. A great mid range Aluminium mountain bike.

  • 2018 Mens Rockhopper Sport Gloss Hyper with Black http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/rockhoppersport.jpg

    Maybe you're finding your legs on the singletrack, or perhaps you're just dirt-curious? The Rockhopper Sport is the only bike you need.

  • 2018 Mens Diverge Comp E5 Satin Graphite with Black http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/divergecompe5.jpg

    Made for exploring new roads, commuting to class, and everything in between, the Diverge Comp E5 redefines what a bike can do.

  • 2018 Mens Diverge E5 Gloss Candy Red with Black http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/divergee5.jpg

    The Diverge E5 is equipped with everything you need to head to work, take the long way home or hit some tracks at the weekend.

  • 2018 Mens Diverge Sport Gloss Cool Grey with Black http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/divergesport.jpg

    With the Diverge Sport, you'll be prepared for anything, from smooth tarmac to the loosest, roughest tracks out there. 

  • 2018 Mens S-Works Turbo Levo FSR Carbon with Hyper http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/s-worksturbolevo.jpg

    E-Bikes Just got better with the S-Works Turbo Levo FSR. All the bike you could ask for!

  • 2018 Mens Turbo Levo FSR Black with Cameleon http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/turbolevo.jpg

    The Turbo Levo  has the perfect blend of trail performance, proper handling, technology, and durability that won't leave you broke and hungry.

  • 2018 Mens Turbo Levo FSR Comp Flake Silver Fade with Black http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/turbolevocompsilver.jpg

    For when you're looking to explore some new trails, expand your weekly ride routes, and have some fun doing it...

  • 2018 Mens Turbo Levo FSR Comp Carbon Satin Carbon with Chameleon http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/turbolevocompcarbonblue.jpg

    Fun. It's one word that we often forget about in our daily lives, but always find out on the trail. This certainly delivers fun in the barrel load!

  • 2018 Mens Turbo Levo FSR Expert Gloss Rocket Red with Carbon http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/turbolevoexpert.jpg

    Often times, we forget the true essence of why we ride—to enjoy ourselves. The Trubo Levo FSR Expert Carbon makes this as easy as 1,2,3.

  • 2018 Mens Sirrus Alloy Black http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/sirrusblk.jpg

    If you're going to get in shape, you need to move, nothing wants to help you move faster than our Sirrus with hassle-free V-brakes.

  • 2018 Mens Sirrus Alloy Rocket Red with Black http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/sirrusred.jpg

    If you're going to get in shape, you need to move, nothing wants to help you move faster than our Sirrus with hassle-free V-brakes.

  • 2018 Specialized Epic Comp Carbon Mens Mountain Bike in Black/Red http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/mensepicfsrcomp.jpg

    The perfect introduction to your world of XC riding and racing...

  • 2018 Mens Epic HT Comp http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/mensepichtcomp.jpg

    A revolutionary new frame design and spec'd it specifically for the rigors of racing contemporary XC courses...

  • 2018 Mens Epic HT Expert http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/mensepichtexpert.jpg

    The new Lightweight frame, GX Eagle and Roval Carbon control. A bike really made for the racers...

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