22a Marlborough Street SP10 1DQ Andover, Hampshire England
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  • Scott Spark 930 Mountain Bike http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/scottspark930.jpg

    No Description Available

  • 2017 Liv Embolden Mountain Bike http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/giant/70132614-2017_liv_embolden.jpg

    Discover a little mischief and unknown- the trail ready Embolden will give you the courage it takes to progress your riding.

  • 2017 Giant Anthem 2 Mountain Bike http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/giant/70135824-2017_giant_anthem_2.jpg

    From steeper climbs to technical descents, this updated XC ninja lets you do it all and do it faster.

  • 2017 Giant Trance 2 Mountain Bike http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/giant/72434734-2017_giant_trance_2.jpg

    Be ready for any terrain. Tough climbs, rowdy descents, all-day epics. This is a trail bike that thrives in all conditions.

  • 2017 Giant Defy Advanced Pro 1 Road Bike http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/giant/70104124-2017_giant_defy_advanced_pro_1.jpg

    Superior engineering for a silky smooth ride. Maximise your performance on your longest, hardest road ride.

  • 2017 CruX Sport E5 Cross Bike http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/cruxsport.jpg

    Mid-race, it's hard to focus on much more than the lung-searing, 60-minute effort that you're locked into. That's why you need a bike that'll make racing as easy as possible.

  • Scott Spark 945 Mountain Bike http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/spark945.jpg

    No Description Available

  • 2017 Giant Dirt-E 2 Electric Bike Green http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/2017_giant_dirt-e_plus_2.jpg No Description Available
  • 2017 Liv Avail Advanced 3 Road Bike http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/giant/72407624-2017_liv_avail_advanced_3.jpg

    From epic solo adventures to group road rides. Light, fast and engineered just for female endurance riders.

  • 2017 Specialized Rockhopper Pro 29 Mountain Bike http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/specialized-rockhopper-pro-29-2017-mountain-bike-silver-ev279807-7500-1.jpg

    Where efficiency and capability cross paths on the trail, you'll find the Rockhopper.

  • 2017 Specialized Dolce Road Bike http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/dolce.jpg


  • 2017 Specialized Dolce Elite E5 Road Bike http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/dolceelite.jpg


  • 2017 Specialized Dolce Sport Road Bike http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/dolcesport.jpg


  • 2017 Specialized Tarmac SL4 Sport Road Bike in Orange http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/http://www.behindthebikeshed.co.uk/images/tarmacsporto.jpg

    The Tarmac doesn’t just do one thing well—it does everything exceptionally.

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