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Awards Night Update

btbsAdmin | 12/12/2013 16:00:34

Our awards night is approaching fast, when we find out who is the winner of the much coveted and prestigious ‘Knob Of The Year’ trophy. The presentation will take place at The Oak in Smannell on Wednesday 18th December at 8.00pm. There are still plenty of Club Members who have yet to vote. Please select your favourite from the list below and e-mail the shop with your choice - theshop@behindthebikeshed.co.uk . Closing time for your votes is 5.00pm on the day of the ceremony.



Choose from the following six nominations;

1. Mike Taylor – Mike has, over the course of the year, shown a complete inability to use a CO2 inflator. The number of spent cartridges littering Southern England testify to his inability to perform this simple task. In addition Mike bored the tits off everybody with his stories of CarFest.

2. Bert Baker – Bert is an interesting case as he has not done any singular act to warrant his nomination. However he has consistently been a cock over a long period and for this he deserves consideration.

3. Chris Blake – the trophy was kindly donated by Chris and it was he alone who decided the previous three winners, that he then had added to roll of honour on the trophy when it was made. However when he ordered the trophy he incorrectly specified the engraving and if you can’t get the letters right on your own trophy, a nomination cannot be unexpected. In addition Chris deserves a further mention for his stubborn refusal to accept that a Porsche 911 is pronounced ‘Nine Eleven’ and not ‘Nine One One’.

4. Peter Tesar – Pete deserves a nomination for his recent MTB crash at Swinley. Only half a mile into the ride Pete crashed heavily on a perfectly smooth bit of trail.  When we asked what he had hit, the reply came back from a concerned fellow rider ‘The Ground’. Complaining that he was ‘winded’ and that ‘It hurts when I laugh’, he rode back to the car and went home. For making all that effort for just 2 minutes of riding, Pete is worthy of consideration.

5. Neil Horner – during last winter we had a stunning mountain bike ride in the snow over on Salisbury Plain. All of those riding quickly adapted to the slippery conditions but Neil entertained us with one spectacular crash after another. Hypothermia was the biggest risk for most of us that day, whilst waiting for Neil to get back on his bike and catch up. He even managed to take things to a higher level on a couple of occasions by taking out a fellow rider at the same time. Great stuff and worthy of a nomination.

6. David Scott – David is nominated for his refusal to stop making and answering telephone calls whilst out on rides. We know David is a busy man and that the calls were clearly important. Nevertheless the opinion of his fellow riders is that he should be nominated in recognition of the amount of times he does this – it pays to talk!


All Club Members are eligible to vote – please e-mail the name of the person that you consider most deserving of the award to theshop@behindthebikeshed.co.uk .