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BMW 2 Series Active Gran Tourer–8th July 2016

btbsAdmin | 08/07/2016 14:25:52



We have a new arrival at the Bikeshed and before you all think we have planted a money tree, here is the story behind the vehicle. The car is a BMW 2 Series Active Gran Tourer and Westerly BMW feel it is perfect for active sports use, though it seems to be somewhat under the radar in this sector. To raise it’s profile they have decided to place a few vehicles with businesses related to the sports and leisure industry. We have dealt with Westerly BMW for a few years now and we are delighted they asked us to be one of their ‘Guinea Pigs’. So the car has been loaned to us for a 3 month period and we will use it at our events and when attending other race meetings, Club rides and the like. We have been asked to give honest opinions of the vehicle to our customers via our Social Media and the like and to encourage anyone interested to try these vehicles for themselves through Westerly. It’s only an hour’s drive to Westerly and whilst there are BMW Dealers closer to Andover, I can vouch for the outstanding customer service I’ve received at Westerly and they will quite happily arrange delivery and collection to Andover, so what has anyone got to lose?

As for the car, we picked it up yesterday so can only give our initial impressions. This is an unusual car for BMW as it’s their first seven seat model and it’s also front-wheel drive, using much of the technology from the Mini. I don’t suppose it’s the prettiest car on the road but of it’s kind I think it looks well, especially in the M Sport trim our car has. The cabin is spacious with easy entry to the first and second rows of seats. We have yet to use the 3rd row of seats so cannot comment on them, though they look only suitable for teenagers or younger. When not in use the seats fold away to provide a flat load space that is cavernous. The interior, dashboard and instrumentation need a special mention. The fit and finish of all the cabin materials is outstanding and a lesson on how the inside of a car should look. The driving position, as with all the BMW’s I’ve driven, is absolutely spot on. This car also has optional leather upholstery, which gives a real feeling of luxury. On the road the car seems spritely enough even with the optional automatic gearbox, which is very smooth and makes driving easy.

So initial impressions are nothing but positive and we are looking forward to living with the car for the next few months, during which we will give regular updates. See you on the road!