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It only happens to a cyclist!

btbsAdmin | 22/08/2015 09:58:28

I think most regular cyclists have been abused by a motorist at some point but last night was a whole new experience. I was cleaning my bike on my drive when a vehicle slowed in the road, the driver shouted abuse related to cycling before quickly driving off. The unfortunate thing for him is that he decided to do it in a sign-written works van. We were actually all outside at the time of the incident and my wife immediately went and telephoned the company concerned and spoke with who we assumed was the owner. He seemed to find it difficult to understand exactly what had happened as it was such a bizarre incident but he informed us that the driver was on his way back to the office and he would look into it. We then had a call back and our take was the employee had denied it but then owned up during the second telephone conversation. In this day of Social Media and instant retribution, the damage that could be done to a local business is immense as a result of this stupidity. Talking of stupidity, we had seen the same van go past our house a few minutes earlier and the driver was on his phone whilst driving. This would confirm that he is a complete dumb-ass, as who carries on like that in a sign-written works van?