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Merida Brass Monkeys Results

btbsAdmin | 28/01/2014 12:11:00

The Gorrick run Brass Monkey series of mountain bike enduros are always well attended. For us, we had four regular riders taking part in each round, some having more luck than others!

So… Round 1 took place back in November, this clashed with our own Wessex Cyclocross Event, so we only had one rider take part. Scott had a great start to the series by finishing 2nd, completing 8 laps in the 4hour category.


Round 2 took place just before Christmas, with plenty of rain and mud to make the conditions on the 8 mile loop tricky. With no other events happening this weekend, we had 6 riders taking part. First to Bert who was racing the 2hour Junior Category, he had a good race and managed to get through to start a third lap before the 2 hours were up. Although he was lacking energy and motivation in the wet weather, he went on to complete the third lap, gaining places through his determination, to finish a successful 8th place!

Much to Neil’s disappointment, he had to enter the 3hour Grand vet Category instead of the 4hour Vet due to age restrictions! However, showing that age does not matter, he had a great race and managed to finish 11th. A result to be proud of considering the worsening weather conditions. The same could not be said for Peter and Darren both having to retire from the 4hour Vet category due to mechanical issues. Unluckily, for Peter, he punctured on the start loop on the very first lap without even having done half a mile. After fixing this, starting up again from dead last he managed to gain places, coming up through the other riders, only to find his drivetrain was proving problematic due to the amount of mud he was having to ride through. A similar situation had also happened to Darren who was also unable to continue due to gearing issues. The last of our riders taking part in the 4hour Vets was Michael, who despite seeing the others cheering him on from the side of the track, stuck with and finished 23rd out of a large category of 59 riders.

Our final rider was Scott, again competing in the 4hour category. With even more elite mountain bikers turning up to this round, Scott had a hard fought race and finished 5th unfortunately losing a place on the last lap due to fatigue.


The third round was scheduled on the 5th January, all the better to burn off the extra Christmas pounds. Once again we had a few riders taking part, this time in frozen and icy conditions. Bert, again, had a successful race in the 2hour junior field managing to get onto his third lap within the time limit to finish 7th, an improvement on the previous round.

Despite all of our riders not training much over the festive period, both Darren and Neil stuck to it finishing 17th in the 4hour Vets and 16th in the 3hour Grand Vets respectively. Once again Scott had an great race, even surprising himself after his lack of training, to finish an excellent 5th place. These three results had put him in a great position in the overall series, a well deserved 2nd place. Unfortunately to place in the overall series, riders are required to enter all the four rounds, meaning the rest of riders had no series standing.


The final round had the worst weather conditions out of them all, with heavy rain showers and strong winds battering the riders throughout the whole 4hours. This race was crucial for Scott to secure his 2nd place in the series with his main rival only a few series points behind him. To ensure Scott placed 2nd overall, he needed to beat the other rider which would give him enough points. Showing that he was back on form, Scott had his best race yet and finished in a fantastic 1st place. Which, of course, secured him his 2nd place overall.

Scott was not the only rider back on form, Neil also had his best result yet, surpassing his own expectations with a brilliant 8th place. Again, our most unlucky rider Darren, failed to finish, this time due to a puncture which happened at the furthest point away from the start meaning he had to walk all the way back! Finally, Bert also had a tough race with lap times for everybody slower than usual due to the conditions, he was unable to get on to a third lap but still finished well in 11th place.


A big congratulations to Scott for his superb performance in the whole series and well done to the rest of our riders for braving the conditions.


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