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Test Ride A Pair of Oakley Glasses

btbsAdmin | 15/06/2016 12:54:57



We are big fans of Oakley eye protection. There is no other brand to compare for fit, comfort, lens quality and that most important ingredient, style. Plenty of people will quote other brands but inevitably that choice has been made on cost. Like all things in life you get what you pay for and yes, Oakley glasses are expensive, but they are the best. Recently Oakley released Prizm lenses in their glasses, which are sport specific. In our case, that means different lenses for road and trail. These lenses, as well as dealing with UV light, have colour spectrum filtering that enhances vision for specific sport environments. Our first thought was that this could be a marketing ploy but we have been using the lenses and they are fantastic. So the challenge for us is to get the message to customers - the message being why they should buy Oakley and why Prizm. We have therefore bought road and trail Prizm Radar EV glasses for customers to demo for a weekend. For those sceptical of spending a lot of money on glasses, here's the opportunity to find out why. We do the same with our bikes and customers realise why our bikes may cost a little more, so why not do the same with eye wear? There will be no charge to borrow the glasses though a security deposit must be paid pay but this will be fully refundable upon the safe return of the glasses. So call in to the store, find out about this great product and see what you've been missing.